Co-Founder and Advisor

Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg launched her own company, Olive PR Solutions, Inc., over 6 years ago with a mission to support businesses in achieving their grandest vision. She is here to make an unapologetic positive impact and has done so over the last 15 years promoting businesses in diverse industries, including consumer tech, bio-tech, consumer lifestyle, education, beauty/fashion, health/fitness, outdoor, arts/entertainment, real estate, hospitality/restaurant, and more. Over the years, she has a gained a reputation for coming up with great ideas that culminate into full-blown marketing strategies that defy the odds. This extraordinary ability paired with her creative ideas makes for what many dub her superhuman PR strength. Jennifer’s company is based in San Diego, California and specializes in full-scale marketing, public relations and social media campaigns. As co-founder and adviser to VStar Systems Inc., Jennifer brings invaluable insight from the consumers non-technical viewpoints, as well as her vast experience in launching one of San Diego’s most successful PR companies.


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